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Texas Holdem Tips And Online Poker

   A flush or outside straight draw at the flop is normally a good thing. If there are others in the pot, try to raise - if it doesn't scare people off - to get more money in, as you will win your fair share of the hands.

   To be blunt, if you watch Tiger Woods hook a three iron around a dogleg, over a sand trap, and then stop it on a dime on the green, well, don't try this at home, kids. That's not to say that all poker shown on television is Tiger Woods-like. Far from it. Some of the TV play is hopelessly bad -- if only because even the best players sometimes make terrible plays.

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Online Poker Etiquette Info

   Do not harass or intimidate other players at the table.

   Craps Tip at least one $5 chip/session. Some players like to place a side bet for the dealer, up to 10%.

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Our Recommended Online Poker Story

   One day T.J. Cloutier was playing No-Limit Hold’em. Among the other players there were Al Krux, who played at the final WSOP tables for several times, and one more guy, who was not a very good player. A masseuse was standing behind this guy and giving him a rub down, while he was holding his cards up so that the player, sitting next to him could easily observe them. Al Krux went all in with $435. The massaged guy folded. When it got to T.J. he chose to call with a pair of tens. But the dealer didn’t see that he had called and dropped the deck on the muck. After the halt it was decided to reshuffle all the cards except those being held by Cloutier and Krux. The flop came KT4 giving a three-of-a-kind to Krux, who had pocket pair of Kings. But the turn was a T! So now Cloutier had four-of-a-kind Tens! That was luck! So T.J. was already looking at the pot with a smile, like he was observing his own money… And when it came to the showdown it turned out that… the massaged guy who had dropped his hand had pocket Tens either. So the two players at the table had the same four-of-a-kind! It was the dealer’s mistake. She occasionally put the dropped cards in the deck and dealt them for the second time on the flop and the turn. The game was held invalid and T.J. never won that day. May be he was upset by the overplus of Tens in the game.

   When Binion first met Sandy and offered some drink she had no idea who he was. He did not impress her very much and actually, she did not even believe Ted when he said he was the casino owner. Maybe that’s why Binion, the guy who could get almost any girl, found Sandy an unusual person. “Once, we were walking downtown, under the Fremont Street Experience," recalls Sandy. "Ted said, 'You always call me Bunion. It's Binion, and I own that casino.' We were in front of the Horseshoe. I told him, 'Ted, you don't have to do that.' But he insisted. He asked a security guard to tell me he was Ted Binion and that he owned the hotel. The guard said, 'I've never seen you before.' He was new and didn't know Ted, and at that time, Ted couldn't even be on the property." But that did not last long and soon enough Murphy understood how lucky she was. They began appearing together at clubs and casinos and after some time Sandy moved to Ted’s house. That was not love. “She told me right from the start she wouldn't be with an older man unless he had money," recalls Becky Behnen, Ted’s younger sister. Becky didn’t not like Sandy and neither did Bonnie, Ted’s daughter, who was just several years younger than her new ‘mother’. Everybody saw that Sandy totally controlled her lover just to waste his money.

   On April, 30th Sandy Murphy was officially discharged from prison. "It's good to be free let me tell you," she said to journalists. Now she lives in Las Vegas and in California and enjoys life again. Rick Tabish is serving time for previous convictions and will be released by December. Becky Behnen also lives in Las Vegas, but she does not think that Murphy has a right to be out. She still remembers Murphy’s sneer and silent words: ‘Fuck you, Becky,’ whispered during one of the hearings. She is sure her brother was killed. And Ted Binion rests in a narrow house and keeps the truth in the ground. It will never come out. Her Secret Love But the things with the Horseshoe went bad. And finally Binion lost his license due to his drug addiction. That was a hard strike and he became more involved in heroin abuse. This made their life with Sandy very hard. They were always quarreling and almost didn’t have any sexual relations as drugs had destroyed some vital functions of Ted’s body.